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    Prepare for the End of the Year

    Tips to Help You Maximize Your Giving

    Generosity knows no season, but October through December are historically the months that Americans are most likely to give to their favorite charitable organizations. These months mark the traditional season of giving and receiving as well as the... Read More

    What You Need to Know About Beneficiary Designations

    Including How to Update Them

    Anytime you start a new job, you fill out the necessary paperwork for your retirement account and life insurance policy. This includes listing the beneficiary, or beneficiaries, of each. But, you may not have a full understanding of what that... Read More

    Simple Ways to Create Your Legacy

    It's Easier Than You Think

    Creating a legacy of giving is easier than you think. Before you get swept up in holiday get-togethers and end of the year parties, take some time to start creating your legacy at the organizations you care about most, like Newberry College. Here are two... Read More