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    Helping Students Today and Tomorrow

    W. Sidney Gnann '31 and his wife, Prema '33, were examples of inspiring Christians strongly involved with their alma mater throughout their lives.
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    Values-Based Learning Program Touches The Lives of Interns

    Thanks to donations that support the VBLP, six students from Newberry College were able to participate as interns in a program called SPLASH with Reformation Lutheran Church in Columbia, S.C. These student interns worked with more than 50 refugee and immigrant children over a six-week period during the summer.
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    Keller Hall Phase III: Establishing an Endowment for Values Based Learning

    Through many small and large gifts, which included major estate gifts, the rebirth of one of the oldest buildings on Newberry College’s campus is now a reality. Phases I and II concentrated upon bricks and mortar, the renovation of both the outside and inside of Keller Hall.
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    Giving Back to the Faculty

    The heart and soul of every college are the students, but a college would have to close its doors without the faculty--the backbone of the institution. Newberry College strives to attract and retain students with strong potential and to produce graduates who will contribute to the general welfare.
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    Student Praises the Benefits of Scholarships

    Kristin Caughman recently graduated from Newberry with a bachelor’s degree in music education. She plans to attend the University of Georgia to obtain her master’s degree in music therapy and, ultimately, would like to earn her doctorate in this field.
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