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    With a Will, There’s a Way

    Create Your Vision for the Future With This Important Document

    Momentous events like a milestone birthday, the arrival of a grandchild or retirement are a time to celebrate and reflect on where your family has been and what the future might hold. It’s also a chance to think about the values you hope to pass on to future generations.

    One way you can ensure that your values endure is through will planning. Will planning is the highly personal process of deciding how your assets will be distributed after your lifetime.

    Start at the Beginning

    Create a will. Through this important document, you can direct the division of your property the way you choose. If Newberry College has been important in your life, you can also include a gift to support our future.

    Already have a will? Don’t set it and forget it! Review it every couple of years to ensure that it has kept pace with your life. A new marriage, divorce, birth or death of a family member are events that should trigger a review to make sure that your will still protects the people you love.

    Go a Step Further

    If supporting Newberry College is a part of your future plans, share your intentions with loved ones. Does your family know why our work is important to you? Tell them! These conversations help ensure that your family understands your intentions. You could also inspire them to make a connection with Newberry College.

    Take Control of Your Legacy

    Contact Office of Advancement at 803-321-5147 or and we’ll help you get started with creating a plan that protects the important people and causes in your life.